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Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is AWESOME......

 Each December all students learn how to CODE in the Computer Lab!

hourofcodeClick here to learn more.

hourofcode tryClick to watch the short intro video!

We live in a world surrounded by technology. Information, commerce, communication, and entertainment all rely on computers. But only a tiny fraction of us learn computer science, the basics of how computers work, or how to create software, apps, or websites. Computer Science provides a foundation for virtually any career and everybody can benefit from learning the basics.

Did you know:

  • Software jobs outnumber students 3-to-1. The gap is 1 million jobs over 10 years- and these are some of the highest paying jobs.
  • 90% of schools in the US do not teach computer science.
  • In many countries, it’s required (China, Vietnam, Estonia. Soon UK, Australia)
  • The basics can be learned by anybody, starting in elementary school. But fewer than 10% of students try. Only 2% are women. 1% are students of color.

Programming literacy is going to be key to your child’s future.

The largest learning event in history

While your children will have the opportunity to participate in school, I encourage you to participate, in two ways:

1) As a student - set aside an hour in December to learn the basics yourself either at home or work.

2) In your community - the Hour of Code campaign isn’t only for students, and you can help introduce others in your community to computer science - whether in an after-school club, a church, a veterans group, etc.

Click here for a printable flyer: Hour of Code flyer

See for details. Sign up to participate!

These are some of the projects we are doing during our HOUR OF CODE week. Try them out by clicking on the pictures below.

MineCraft HoC

StarWars HoC

Frozen HoC






CODE Studio

Learn how to code using one of these free online courses.

There are many more options to do an hour of code.

After you have done the tutorials above, or if you need something a bit more challenging, check out all the options HERE.