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May 2024

Dear Terra Linda Community,

Spring is here and we are getting very close to the end of the school year. Please remember that we will be conducting end-of-year assessments and activities, so please remember to bring your student to school every day. Your student helps make our school a special place!

Parking Lot

Please support our school by modeling safety. We need you to please pull forward to the very south of the curve. If you do not want your child walking far, you may continue to get in line and drive around. Do not stop your car to get out, if you need to do so, park in the parking stalls. Do not use the North parking lot. Please do not call your child across the parking lot. Use the crosswalk and parent waiting areas.


3rd-6th Rise State Testing and K-6th Acadience Reading testing are currently happening at Terra Linda. Please help support students by making sure they get lots of sleep, are well-fed, and come to school.

Kinder testing is May 20-24th. Kindergarten students will NOT be attending school this week, but will be testing instead. Parents, please call the office to set up an appointment for testing.


School administrators were able to visit classrooms to discuss end-of-year testing. We were SO impressed by the mindset of our students. They’ve learned a lot and are ready to show it! Go Tigers!


Mrs. Martinez

Yajaira Martinez

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