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School Community Council

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SCC Meeting Schedule 2023-24

Meetings will be held in the Media Center at the times indicated.
A Google Meet link can be found in the agenda for online attendance.

9/28/23  10:00 am SCC Sep 28th, 2023 SCC Minutes 28Sep23
1/26/24  2:00 pm School Community Council Agenda Terra Linda SCC Meeting notes 1-26-24
3/8/24  2:00 pm Copy of SCC Agenda 3.8.24 SCC Minutes
5/17/24 2:00 pm SCC May 17, 2024 SCC May 17, 2024-2 minutes

*preliminary minutes, not yet approved by the council

2022-23 SCC Meeting Minutes
SCC Minutes 5_12_23 | SCC Minutes 3-2023
SCC Minutes 1_20_23|SCC Minutes 9_23_22

2023-24 Community Council Members

Yajaira Martinez Principal
Bethany Smith Employee
Rachelle Christensen Parent
Rachel Ferre Parent
Barbara Young Parent
David Bowers Parent

*chair, **vice-chair, ***secretary

What is a School Community Council?

It is a group of parents, guardians, teachers, and school staff who are elected to represent the greater school community.  Some of the responsibilities of the SCC are to review, discuss and approve academic improvement plans, staff development plans, allocation of LAND Trust money and to provide a forum for community discussions of school-related concerns.

Use these resources for more information:
Introduction to Community Councils video 
The Work of School Community Councils

What does that mean to Parents?

If you have a concern, opinion, or suggestion relating to:

  • Curriculum
  • Student activities
  • Transportation
  • Building maintenance
  • Proposed boundary changes
  • Student safety
  • Legislative issues
  • Any other issues

We can help!  This is the place to express your feelings and to work for positive changes in our school.  Please let your voice be heard.  (While decisions regarding Jordan School District policies, budgets, laws and personnel issues are not things we can change, we can pass on concerns about these to the School District.)

How do I voice my concerns or find out more information?

Come to a School Community Council Meeting.

Ask for the School Community Council Binder in the office.  It contains agendas and minutes of past meetings, as well as information on the CSIP, LAND Trust Fund, Traffic Safety Routing plan, etc.

Contact a member of the SCC.  A complete list of members can be found above or in the office binder.  They are there to represent you and can put items on the agenda.

Become a Member of the SCC

If you would like to be a member of our school's SCC, please fill out this SCC Candidate Form and return it to the office.

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