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Faculty & Staff

Administration / Office

Photo of Yajaira Martinez Yajaira Martinez Principal
Photo of Joshua Brothers Joshua Brothers Assistant Principal
Photo of Latisha Fuell Latisha Fuell Administrative Assistant
Photo of Fany Infante Fany Infante Office Assistant
Photo of Olivia Smith Olivia Smith Office Assistant


Photo of Susan Dalley Susan Dalley Teacher (PM)
Photo of Shelby Flatt Shelby Flatt Teacher
Photo of Courtney Watson Courtney Watson Teacher (Full Day)

First Grade

Photo of Grace Davis Grace Davis Teacher
Photo of Aubrey McDonald Aubrey McDonald Teacher
Photo of Stephanie Owen Stephanie Owen Teacher

Second Grade

Photo of Dolores Frandsen Dolores Frandsen Teacher
Photo of Brianne Nelson Brianne Nelson Teacher
Photo of Kennede Wren Kennede Wren Teacher

Third Grade

Photo of Gabbi Jones Gabbi Jones Teacher
Photo of Bethany Smith Bethany Smith Teacher

Fourth Grade

Photo of Rebecca Dall Rebecca Dall Teacher
Photo of Angel Nelson Angel Nelson Teacher
Photo of Dorrelyn Smith Dorrelyn Smith Teacher

Fifth Grade

Photo of Natalie Newbold Natalie Newbold Teacher
Photo of Wendy Toale Wendy Toale Teacher

Sixth Grade

Photo of Kathlynn Aragón Kathlynn Aragón Teacher
Photo of Julie Barnson Julie Barnson Teacher
Photo of Kimi Siddoway Kimi Siddoway Teacher

Autism Support Classroom

Photo of Taylor Dumas Taylor Dumas Autism Support Lead
Photo of Brandie Dickey Brandie Dickey Teacher
Photo of Alexus Lightfoot Alexus Lightfoot Teacher
Photo of Laura Mencia Laura Mencia Teacher

Licensed Specialists

Photo of Joyce Anderson Joyce Anderson Specialist
Photo of Shelley Chamberlain Shelley Chamberlain Specialist
Photo of Shelly Lloyd Shelly Lloyd Instructional Coach
Photo of Amy Ludlow Amy Ludlow Speech Specialist
Photo of Cheree Rowley Cheree Rowley Music Specialist
Photo of Jaime Scott Jaime Scott P.E. Specialist
Photo of Mamie Thompson Mamie Thompson School Psychologist
Photo of Julie Young Julie Young Nurse

Support Staff

Photo of John Cooke John Cooke Head Custodian
Photo of Margie McDaniel Margie McDaniel Lunchroom Manager
Photo of Trecia Burkett Trecia Burkett Lunchroom Assistant
Photo of Kathy Cooper Kathy Cooper Lunchroom Clerk
Photo of Mindi Allen Mindi Allen Library Assistant
Photo of Clairesse Broschinsky Clairesse Broschinsky Library Assistant
Photo of Jesica Bullock Jesica Bullock Assistant
Photo of Bret Davis Bret Davis Assistant
Photo of Tiffany Dixon Tiffany Dixon Assistant
Photo of Yesenia Guerra Yesenia Guerra Assistant
Photo of Laurie Hutchings Laurie Hutchings Assistant
Photo of Mindie Klingler Mindie Klingler Assistant
Photo of Joana Lopes Araujo Joana Lopes Araujo Assistant
Photo of Jennie Olsen Jennie Olsen Assistant
Photo of Jill Syme Jill Syme Assistant
Photo of Juliana Velazquez Juliana Velazquez Assistant
Photo of Maretta Wight Maretta Wight Assistant